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Thank you so much for your interest in GCB!

Sadly, I have left the greater Seattle area and am no longer delivering bread. I greatly appreciate your interest in finding and eating delicious gluten-free sourdough bread. Continue the journey onwards!

No gluten. No dairy.

No eggs. No soy. 

No cane sugar.

No messing around.

Good Choices Bakery gives you the freedom to eat delicious gluten-free, plant-based sourdough bread. We believe you shouldn't have to choose between great bread and food restrictions. There is never any gluten, dairy, or eggs in our kitchen. Rest assured, celiacs and vegans. 

This bread is absolutely amazing and a life saver. I am vegan, and my wife was diagnosed with significant allergies to gluten and eggs 12 months ago. Over this past year we have struggled to find bread that fits all of our food restrictions. And the one or two breads we did find were, to be frank, disgusting. So when we heard about Good Choices Bakery we were skeptical, but after trying their products, we fell in love with bread all over again! The owner and baker Alison is a just a joy and we look forward to our delivery every time!

Ethan_review 320.jpeg

–Ethan J.

This bread is excellent! It makes the best gluten free toast on this planet (change my mind, I dare you!). I have always loved and appreciated how good homemade bread is. I say this partly because of the wonderful memories of making bread with my great grandma, but also because of the noticeable difference in quality. I have been on a fifteen year search (since meeting my partner, who has celiac disease) for gluten free bread that lives up to my unique standards. The aptly named Good Choices sourdough bread hits the mark, and there is no turning back."

Blair_Review 320.jpeg

–Blair S.

This bread is awesome! I’d pretty much given up bread because, as a celiac, gluten free is a an absolute must. Most GF bread feels and tastes like cardboard. This bread is dense, heavy, flavorful, and toasts to perfection. It is full-filling in every sense of the word!

Lyn Wiltse _review 320.jpeg

–Lyn W.

Good Choices Bakery is my new favorite in the Seattle area! Would recommend them to anyone, gluten-free or otherwise. I'm personally not GF, but would choose this bread over gluten-based loaves. I subscribed for a monthly subscription to share with my two housemates, who also loved it.

Some highlights:

  • Loaves are dynamic- good for sandwiches, toast, and more

  • Hardy enough to be deliciously filling, while airy enough to breathe and retain butters and other spreads

  • Crust has the perfect brown crunch, easy to cut through

  • Flavorful, nutty and warm with a subtle sweetness 

  • Delivery was Covid-safe, timely, and friendly

  • Great communication with the owner

I can't praise this new PNW bakery enough! Looking forward to more loaves to come. 

Laura_review 320.jpeg

–Laura E.

Oh my golly! Alison’s breads and fresh baked goodies are simply over-the-top fantastic. Not only do they taste divine, from her vegan, gluten-free sourdough to her chia seed chocolate brownies*, they’re actually good for you. No sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no guilt, which means everyone can enjoy the delightful, great-energy baked breads and pastries from Good Choices Bakery. A perfect way to begin your day. A true winner!

Candia_Review 320.jpeg

–Candia S.

Alison’s loaf is everything I look for in a good slice of bread- it has a delicious, chewy inside with a nice crust on the outside. I’m not gluten-free or vegan and yet, I can’t get enough of Good Choices Bakery bread! The thought of a cup o’ joe and a piece of this bread with jam pulls me out of bed in the morning.

Katie 320.jpeg

–Katie M.

Good Choices Bakery is amazing. I had no idea you could make gluten free bread taste so great. The Sourdough was hearty, rustic, and delicious. In truth, this was one of the best loaves of bread I have ever eaten. I cannot wait to place another order. I also enjoyed giving them out as gifts! Have your bread and eat it too!

Danny_review 320.jpeg

–Danny C.

I've loved every dense and tasty loaf of sourdough bread that I've gotten from GCB.  And its a wonderfully beefy loaf to boot.  No tiny loaf portions here. No dairy, butter or eggs. Good loaves and good for you!

Marilyn_review 320.jpeg

–Marilyn G.

Originally from France, you can guess the bar is high when it comes to bread. I’ve tried Good Choices Bakery gluten-free bread and was pleasantly surprised by the taste and texture! This bread goes perfectly with a good jam or cheese. I highly recommend it!


–Romain J.

I love gluten, animal products, AND this bread - this is not just for those who are gluten-free and vegan, it's for anyone who enjoys bread products. The crust is fantastic and the bread has an ideal fluffy-chewy texture that crisps beautifully and becomes downright buttery (in texture and flavor) in the center when toasted. If you're looking for a bread alternative or just something delicious to try, look no further!


–Elyse O.

As someone who has just been diagnosed with many surprise food allergies, Good Choices bread is everything to me. I love bread and Alison’s bread hits the spot!

Karen 320.jpeg

–Karen K.

FREE delivery in the greater Seattle area*

*See shaded area below for delivery range.

Note: If you are outside of this delivery area, then you will need to pick up your loaf of bread.

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